Biographical Information
Kanji シックス
Also known as Sex, Henry
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Penguin
Gender Male
Anime Episode 4
Voice Actors
Japanese Yuichi Nakamura
English Ian Sinclair

He was the one who got HI-ERO Particles from Ritz, but the side effect of the power, transformed him in to a human.

When he became a human his memories were lost and he was walking around, when he met Kyouko. They both walked and talked together and actually got along well, but when his memories came back he tried to capture her.

Later on they got in to a fight with daimidalers, but he dies and his last words for Kyouko were "I wanted to be pair with you."

He was supposed to have died, but he shows up hiding behind a pillar during the funeral scene after the credits reverted back to his original penguin form, waiting for the right moment to step out and announce his survival, only to have lost the timing to do so.

he is also mistaken to be called sex