Shouma Ameku
Biographical Information
Kanji 天久 将馬
Age 17
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime Episode 6
Voice Actors
Japanese Natsuki Hanae
English Todd Haberkorn

He is just like Kiriko one of the new main characters. He has the ability to nullify Kiriko's HI-ERO particles.


A pure hearted boy, he is loyal and dedicated to Kiriko despite being tempted by other women and always tries to protect her from the Penguin Empire although he is usually saved by her instead.

Character OutlineEdit

He is the boyfriend of Kiriko Kiyuna. He fell in love with her at first sight and later confessed to her. Initially he had no knowledge of her past but is later told about it by Kiriko herself. When he first saw that Kiriko emitted light when she got excited he was of course suprised, but he wanted to help her because he loves her and then finds out that he has the power to nullify Kiriko's HI-ERO particles. They often engage in romantic and, sometimes, erotic activities in order for Kiriko to release her Hi-ERo particles. As a result, their school's staff has received several complaints due to their Public display of affection. In Episode 10, Shoma is transformed in a penguin and leaves Kiyuna for the Penguin Empire. Later on Shouma comes back to Kiriko's side and helps them in the fight against the penguins and after he got ejected from Type-6, Six comes to help him and infuses  Hi-ERo particles into him which transforms him back into a human.