Rikantz Seaberry
Biographical Information
Kanji リカンツ・シーベリー
Also known as Ritz
Age 13
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Gender Female
Height 152cm
Weight 47kg
Anime Episode 2 (Cameo)
Episode 3 (Actual)
Voice Actors
Japanese Aya Suzaki
English Tessa Ellory

She is a member of the Penguin Empire and she has HI-ERO Particles.


She is a cheerful girl who loves penguins and is good at fighting. She gets mad if someone insults the penguins.

She really wanted to join the Penguin Empire, but after attacking the Penguin Emperor and other peguins she wanted to make up with them and cleaned their front tails.

Appearance Edit

In episode 3, it's revealed that she has B81-W57 cm. and cup C.


Later, it is revealed that she had met the Penguin Emperor as a child after she lost her home and family during a war. They traveled for a while but he eventually left her in a town after giving her some money. Though she no longer remembers him it was this event that led to her love of penguins.

Character OutlineEdit

She appeared at the base of the penguins, asking if she could join the penguin empire. She was told that she was to take an exam, which was to defeat a penguin whom the Penguin Emperor chose. She easily defeated them, but went a little bit too far, and wanting to show more of her skills, attacked the Penguin Empire and failed the exam after that. Although after some thinking the Penguin Emperor is nice enough to accept her.

Later on she fights with Kouichi and it's seen that she also has HI-ERO Particles. After the penguins saw that, they got the idea to take some HI-ERO Particles from Rikantz (Which she agreed on) and transfer it to other penguins in which they succeeded in.

In episode 5, she caused the Penguin Robot Antarctic 11 to go out of control, which eventually lead to the the supposed "death" of Kouichi Madanbashi.


  • She is jokingly referred to as Morning Ritzness (a play on Morning Sickness during pregnancy) by her fellow Penguin soldiers when she made herself sick while piloting one of their robots who's special attack was spinning at great speeds.
  • She has pink nipples that reveals that the penguins praise pink nipples on women.
  • She is capable of hand to hand combat being able to take on the Penguin Emperor's men by herself.