Penguin Emperor
Biographical Information
Also known as Emperor
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Hideyuki Hori
English Patrick Seitz

The Penguin Emperor is the antagonist of the anime. He is the leader of the Penguin Empire.


Just like most of the penguins he is also a pervert, but it's shown that he also has gentle side where he felt guilty after yelling to Rikantz Seaberry and accepted her offer of joining the Penguin Empire.

Character OutlineEdit

The emperor of the Penguin Empire who seeks to conquer the Earth. He has a soft spot for Rikantz and even gave her the nickname Ritz. His plans are constantly pushed back by Kōichi and Kyōko until the former was presumably killed in battle. He later succeeds in integrating the Penguin Empire into society but now faces a new opponent in Kiriko Kiyuna.

It is revealed that the Penguin Emperor and his empire originated from a parallel world and was transported to the protagonists' world when his teleportation machine malfunctioned. There he met a young Rikantz Seaberry who had lost her home and family in a war. The two would travel for a while but he eventually left her in a town after giving her some of the money he had saved during his travels. After several years of hard work, he finally managed to recreate his empire leading to the events of the story.