Kyouko Sonan
Biographical Information
Kanji 楚南恭子
Age 23
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Gender Female
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Yōko Hikasa
English Emily Neves

She is a member of Beauty Salon PRINCE and has to find and come in contact with possible Factor candidates and test their power and skills.


She is a nice, determined girl who is always ready to take on the Penguin Empire . She begins to develop feelings for Kouichi in episode 5.


It's revealed that two years ago, in front of her father who was one of the representatives for peaceful negotation, the penguin empire did a tail dick dance in public, traumatizing her father, getting him hospitalized.

Character OutlineEdit

When she discovers Kōichi possesses Hi-ERo particles, she recruits him to join her in her battle against the Penguin Empire. She has great hate for the Penguin Empire because her father was traumatized by them when they first arrived on Earth. She dislikes having Kōichi grope her to release his Hi-ERo particles but it is hinted that she has begun to develop feelings for him. During a battle against one of the Penguin Empire's strongest robot, Kōichi is presumably killed in action while protecting Kyōko. In episode 8, she is accidentally found by Kiriko and Shōma in a medical room recovering from said battle. She later reawakens after "hearing" Koichi's voice and launches Daimidaler's severed left arm to the battlefield which resonated with Koichi's Hi-ERo particles allowing him to return to his world.

Trivia Edit

Kyouko's body measurements are B95-W54-H86 cm

In Kenzen Robo Daimidaler OGS manga, Kyouko was captured by the Penguins and got penetrated one after another from unsuccessfully deceiving them about her breast size.