History Edit

Kyouko wears a lingerie battle suit after Kouichi comes back. She does not like it but uses it anyway for Kouichi. The purpose of the battle suit is to get Kouichi aroused so he can produce more HI-ERO particles. Kouichi made it himself when he was away from her. He made it for her bust size specifically. The tops of the battle suit come undone to reveal Kyouko's breasts when Kouichi wants them to.

The battle suit is light pink with dark purple edges. it has 2 main cups over her breasts and a spiky pattern down her cleavage to her belly button where nothing covers it. The battle suit has got a skirt at the bottom of it where it covers down to her upper leg. It is very revealing of Kyouko's body and she only likes to be seen in it by Kouichi and Kiriko. When she first changes into it she lets Kouichi watch her change which is the first time she let Kouichi see her with no clothes on while outside daimidaler.