Kouichi Madanbashi
Biographical Information
Kanji 真玉橋孝一
Age 17 (16 in the manga)
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Gender Male
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Nobunaga Shimazaki
English Matt Mercer

Kouichi is the main protagonist of the anime. He has the special ability of releasing HI-ERO partcles when he gropes Sonan Kyōko's breasts. He is the pilot of the Daimidaler. After his "death," a new pilot shows up and takes control of the new Daimidaler. Later in episode 10, Kouichi Madanbashi returns.


He always says whatever he thinks and doesn't even care if it is in public. He is a real pervert with a fascination for women's breasts and he even grabbed his teacher Chieko Kakazu's breasts, because he didn't want to wear the school uniform. Although he is a pervert, he managed to have Kyouko fall in love with him before his final battle that led him to his "death".

Charater OutlineEdit

He is recruited by Sonan Kyōko to join in her battle against the Penguin Empire. Though he initially refuses, he changes his mind when he realizes that he enjoys piloting Daimidaler and, even more so, fondling Kyōko. During a battle against one of the Penguin Empire's strongest robot, Kōichi is presumably killed in action while protecting Kyōko when said robot self-destructed. However, said robot's Hi-ERo particles acted like a transport device and teleported him to the Penguin Empire's original world at the last second. He was taken care of by the humans there who also repaired and modified Daimidaler. He was able to return to his own world because Daimidaler's left arm is still intact and resonated with his Hi-ERo particles. He, Kiyuna, and Shōma all go to the same school and is the couple's underclassman by one year.


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