Kiriko Kiyuna
Biographical Information
Kanji 喜友名 霧子
Age 17
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Gender Female
Anime Episode 1 (Cameo)
Episode 6 (Actual)
Voice Actors
Japanese Shizuka Ishigami
English Cherami Leigh

Kiriko is one of the new main characters. She has HI-ERO particles.


She is a really nice girl who gets excited and embarrassed easily and is in love with Shouma.

Appearance Edit

In episode 8, it's reavealed that she has B85-W57-H85 cm. measurements and cup E.

Character OutlineEdit

She was once a former Daimidaler pilot but quit after the organization she worked for was disbanded. She is currently a high school student and began dating Shōma Ameku after he confessed to her. Like Kōichi, she also possesses Hi-ERo particles and releases them by getting excited when she experiences romantic and/or erotic moments with Shōma. Due to their constant Public display of affection, the school staff has received several complaints about them. She becomes very depressed when Shōma turns into a penguin and leaves her for the Penguin Empire but she resolves to bring him back. She is the only Daimidaler pilot who can summon the robot by remote control. She and Shōma are Kōichi's seniors as they all go to the same school. She recognizes Kōichi due to his constant wearing of a Gakuran uniform instead of their own school uniform as well as his reputation as a pervert.