Episode 2
Episode 2
Japanese Title 危機!奪われた太陽
Romaji Title Kiki! Ubawareta taiyō
Airdate April 12, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Kenzen Robo Daimidaler by Endohkai
Ending Suki Suki//LINKS by Moriko Tomoyose, Soriko Majikina, Sewashiko Goya
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The second episode of Kenzen Robo Daimidaler. It aired on April 12, 2014.


Unable to reproduce the original burst of Hi-ERO particles, Kouichi must discover the true power of Eros to defeat his new enemy, Antarctic Number 9!

Plot Edit

After Koichi is introduced to PRINCE he begins to wonder what he will continue to do in the mech. Moriko Tomoyose tells him that Kyouko will be his permanent co-pilot who he can practice groping on. After Koichi finds out he cannot produce Hi-ERO particles anymore by just touching Kyouko's boobs he is very angry and Kyouko is very embarrassed for letting him touch her in the first place. Koichi realizes it was because he got bored of Kyouko so she smacks him and says "after me giving up my dignity and letting me play grabby hands with my beautiful breasts for the good of humanity and now you are bored?". Koichi realizes that he just needed to "get extra freaky" so he rips open her blouse and lifts up her bra (much to her displeasure) which helps him produce HI-ERO particles again.