Breasts are a important part of the anime and manga.

Piloting daimidaler centers around fondling breasts.

In the first episode Koichi gropes Kyouko which reveals his ability to produce HI-ERO particles and charge Daimidaler. In the second episode Koichi had gotten bored of Kyouko's boobs and only starts producing them again when he rips open her shirt and lifts up her white bra to see half of her nipples.

Bras Edit

Each female character gets their own unique bra which for each character uses it consistently.

Kyouko Sonan Edit

Kyouko has a wired white bra which she wears under her top. It is very faintly pink and it has buckles on the strap for tightening the bra. The buckles are just above the cups of the bra.



Chieko Kakazu Edit

Chieko has more of a triangle bra than a round bra and just like Kyouko her bra is revealed by Koichi.


Kiriko Kiyuna Edit

Kirikos bra is more pink than Kyoukos bra is and also has a bow in the middle of it.


Moriko Tomoyose, Soriko Majikina and Sewashiko Goya Edit

None of these characters bras are seen in the anime except in Koichi's fantasy so it may not be canon but Moriko has a bright red and black bra with a pattern, Soriko has a pink bra and Sewashiko has a light purple bra with a bow.

The panties of all the characters match the colo(u)r(s) and design of their bras. Edit

Gropers Edit

Kouichi Madanbashi Edit

Kouichi fondles Kyouko and Chieko in the show. Kouichi is the most perverted groper in the show. Kyouko is his Daimidaler co-pilot. He gropes her to produce Hi-ERO particles and charge Daimidaler. Chieko is his teacher that he gropes when she tries to make him where a uniform he does not like and when she tries to talk with him about his grades.

Shouma Ameku Edit

Shouma fondles his girlfriend Kiriko to try and help her produce Hi-ERO particles. He is the least perverted groper and only does it for Kiriko.

Penguins Edit

The penguins grope their leader Rikantz Seaberry as well as Kiriko when she asks her to by accident.

Kazuo Matayoshi Edit

Kazuo gropes Kyouko to train Kouichi and has mastered the art of fondling.

Gallery Edit

Quotes Edit

In the show Koichi describes Kyoukos boobs in many ways and the way he gropes them

"tig old biddies"

"sweater meat"

"Let me adjust your headlights"

"fluffing your pillows"-Koichi to Kyouko about grabbing her boobs

Trivia Edit

  • All breasts shown in the anime have pink nipples
  • Kyouko Sonan's breasts are what the show centers around